Ethnologue  Provides information on practically any language in existence.
 Wikipedia  A huge online encyclopedia.
 Encyclopedia Mythica  A mythological encyclopedia.
 Greek Mythology Link  All about Greek mythology.
 King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table
 Onelook Dictionaries  Allows you to search several different online dictionaries (including this one) at once.  A listing of online dictionaries and other language tools.
 Omniglot  Writing systems and languages of the world.
 Blue Letter Bible  All words are clickable.
 Hebrew Bible  Hebrew fonts required.
 Greek New Testament
 Lists of Rulers  Lists of kings, emperors, and rulers from all times and places.
 List of Saints  Saints with brief biographies.
 List of Corporations


 Online Etymology Dictionary  English word etymologies.
 Take Our Word for It  A weekly etymology magazine.
 Dave Wilton's Etymology Page  Origins of several words.
 Etymologies of Chinese Characters  Origin of Chinese characters as used in Japan.
 Pandora's Word Box  The ideas and etymology behind words.


 Behind the Surname  Sister site to Behind the Name.
 Last Names Meanings Dictionary
 Czech Surnames
 American Name Society  Devoted to all aspects of all types of names.

Commercial Sites

 Onecklace  Get a necklace with your name on it.
 Celebrate Your Name Day  Calendar with names on it.
 Chinese Name Translation  Have your name translated into Chinese.
 Historical Research Center  Surname histories and coats of arms.
 Word Stones  Have your name engraved on a small stone!
 Andy the Name Bender  Name necklaces and badges.
 Grandma Helen's House  Religious name meanings.
 Once Upon A Name  Baby names and gifts.
 Lacy Metals  Spoons with names for handles.
 First Name Meanings  Name scrolls.
 Tattoos By Design  Have your name translated into another language.
 First Name Books  Books about individual first names
 All About Names  Name software and supplies.
 Wow Imports  Personalized name necklaces.