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Type Region
Scripts Ασσυρια(Ancient Greek)

Meaning & History

From Greek Ασσυρια (Assyria), derived from Akkadian Ashurayu, itself from the name of the empire's capital city ASHUR. This was the name of an ancient Mesopotamian kingdom and empire.
VariantSyria(Ancient Greek)
Other Languages & CulturesSirië(Afrikaans) Ashur, Ashurayu(Akkadian) Ashur, Suriya(Arabic) Sirija(Bosnian) Sirija(Croatian) Syrien(Danish) Syrië(Dutch) Syyria(Finnish) Assyrie, Syrie(French) Syrien(German) Suryah(Hebrew) Assiria, Siria(Italian) Sīrija(Latvian) Sirija(Lithuanian) Sirija(Macedonian) Syria(Norwegian) Ashur(Persian) Syria(Polish) Sirija(Serbian) Sirija(Slovene) Siria(Spanish) Syrien(Swedish) Suriye(Turkish)
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