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Meaning & History

From Hebrew יְרוּשָׁלַיִם (Yerushalayim), from an earlier Canaanite form like Urushalim, probably meaning "established by (the god) SHALIM". This is the name of a city in Israel and Palestine. Originally a Canaanite city, it was conquered by the Israelites under King David at the beginning of the 10th century BC. It is now regarded as a holy city by Jews, Christians and Muslims.
Other Languages & CulturesYerushalayim Ancient Hebrew Hierousalem Biblical Greek Yerushalayim Biblical Hebrew Hierusalem Biblical Latin Jeruzalem Dutch Jérusalem French Ierousalim Greek Yerushalayim Hebrew Gerusalemme Italian Jerusalém Portuguese Jerusalén Spanish
Same SpellingJérusalem, Jerusalém
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