Place Name URDANN

TYPE: River & Country
USAGE: Arabic
OTHER SCRIPTS: أردنّ (Arabic)

Meaning & History

Arabic form of JORDAN, usually written with the definite article: الأردنّ (al-Urdann).
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Jordan (Biblical), Iordanes (Biblical Greek), Yarden (Biblical Hebrew), Iordanes (Biblical Latin), Jordan (Croatian), Jordan (Danish), Jordaan, Jordanië (Dutch), Jordan (English), Jordan, Jordania (Finnish), Jordanie, Jourdain (French), Jordan, Jordanien (German), Yarden (Hebrew), Giordania, Giordano (Italian), Jordan (Norwegian), Jordan, Jordania (Polish), Iordan, Iordaniya (Russian), Jordan (Serbian), Jordan, Jordanien (Swedish)
Entry added December 8, 2017