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ABERDEEN   (Settlement)   English (Rare)
A city in Scotland, stemming from the prefix aber- meaning 'river mouth', and the suffix -deen, which could possibly be referring to the rivers don and dee.
ALEI   (River)   German
German transcription of the Russian Aley River.
ALMERÍA   (Settlement)   Spanish
From the name of the Spanish city. Means 'the mirror of the sea.'
AMIGDALIA   (Settlement)   Greek
Greek name that means almond tree.
ANCRE   (River)   French
This is the name of a river in Picardy, France.
ANDELLE   (River)   French
The name of a river in Normandy, France.
ANDORRA   (Country)   Various
The name of the country of Andorra, whose name is possibly derived from a Basque word andurrial (“shrub-covered land”), but it may come from Arabic الدرا (“the forest”) or Spanish andar (“to walk”).
ANGERTON   (Settlement)   English
ANJOU   (Other)   English, French
From the name of the former county/duchy/province centered around the city of Angers in the Loire Valley of western France, which is in the present-day département of Maine-et-Loire. It was the cradle of the House of Plantagenet who ruled England from the twelfth century, of whom the current royal family are descendants... [more]
ANTARCTICA   (Other)   English
Greek for "opposite of the North".
ANZAH   (Settlement)   Arabic
AONIA   (Country)   English
This was an ancient name of the country of Boeotia in Greek legend, allegedly derived from that of the hero Aon. Aonia was a region sacred to the Muses, whom the English poet Alexander Pope called the "Aonian maids".
ARCADIA   (Region)   Ancient Greek
ARLINGTON   (Settlement)   English
Three possible places called Arlington in Gloucestershire, Devon, and East Sussex.
ARRINGTON   (Settlement)   English
Arrington, a place in Cambridgeshire, named from an Old English byname, Earn(a), meaning ‘eagle’ + -inga- ‘people or followers of’ + tūn ‘settlement’.
ASHBY   (Settlement)   English
Ash farm; ash settlement... [more]
ATHERTON   (Settlement)   English
Placename meaning Ather's town.
AUCKLAND   (Settlement)   English
The Baron Auckland and the Earl of Auckland are titles of the English nobility. The first Baron Auckland, William Eden, had the city of Auckland in New Zealand named after him. Bishop Auckland is a town in the county of Durham in Britain which has lent its name to the title... [more]
AVEN   (Settlement)   Biblical
A Biblical place name meaning "vanity", "nothingness", "iniquity" and "sorrow".... [more]
AYDEMIR   (Settlement)   Bulgarian
BADEN   (Settlement)   German
The name of a town in Austria.
BADLEY   (Settlement)   English
Habitational name from Badley in Suffolk or Baddeley Green in Staffordshire, both named with the Old English personal name Bad(d)a + lēah ‘woodland clearing’.
BELLAGIO   (Political Subdivision)   Italian
Bellagio is an Italian comune in the Province of Como. It is also the name of a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
BERGEN   (Settlement)   Dutch, Norwegian, German
Newer form of Bjǫrgvin, a combination of Old Norse bjarg "mountain" and vin "meadow". This is the 2nd largest city in Norway.
BRIXTON   (Settlement)   English
The name of Brixton (a town in England).
BRONSTON   (Settlement)   English
Town in Pulaski County, Kentucky.
BROUGHTON   (Settlement)   English
Broughton (Welsh: Brychdyn) is a district in Flintshire, Wales, close to the Wales–England border, located to the west of the City of Chester, England.
CAIRNS   (Settlement)   English
City in Australia
CALLIFAE   (Settlement)   English
From the name of a town in ancient Italy, of uncertain origin. It was mentioned only by the Roman historian Livy, and may correspond to the village Calvisi, at the foot of the Monte Matese.
CANTABRIA   (Political Subdivision)   Spanish
CARIA   (Region)   Ancient Greek
Caria was an ancient province near the Aegean Sea in Asia Minor.
CEYLON   (Country)   English
Previous name of the country Sri Lanka. The name Ceylon most likely traces its roots back to the Sanskrit Sinha, meaning "lion". As lions are not native to Sri Lanka, another possible interpretation of the name is "lion-like man" or "hero".
CHAMPAGNE   (Region)   French
French region famous for its luxury sparkling wine.... [more]
CHANTILLY   (Settlement)   French
From the name of a town in France near Paris, ultimately derived from the Gallo-Roman name Cantilius. The city gave its name to a type of delicate lace originally made there.
CHIQUINQUIRA   (Settlement)   Spanish
the name of a town in venezuela
CLADDAGH   (Settlement)   Irish, English
The name of an ancient village in Ireland, where the tradition of the Claddagh ring developed.
CORSICA   (Island)   English
Mediterranean island where Napoleon Bonaparte was born.
DAMASCUS   (Settlement)   Arabic
The place name for the capital of Syria.
DECORAH   (Settlement)   English
Decorah, Iowa.
DOVER   (Settlement)   English
Dover is a small, but important port town in Kent, Southern England. It is derived from the Brythonic Dubrās, meaning 'water' (Modern Welsh ddwfr, 'water, tears').... [more]
EDAM   (Settlement)   Dutch
ELLESMERE   (Other)   English
ELYSIUM   (Other)   Greek Mythology
in Greek mythology, Elysium was the name of the place in the Underworld where souls who had led honorable, heroic lives went. It has since been portrayed as "paradise".... [more]
EMDEN   (Settlement)   German
A city and seaport in Northwest Germany that has existed at least since the 8th century.
GELABAD   (Settlement)   Iranian
GERFALCO   (Settlement)   Italian
The first element of this name is derived from Gothic gairu (gêr in Old High German) "spear", or from garva (garo in Old High German, and gearu in Anglo-Saxon) "ready, prepared." The second element is derived from Old High German falko "falcon"... [more]
GLASTON   (Settlement)   English
This name is derived from towns scattered around Europe. There are French towns named Glaston, and it also is similar to the famous town Glastonbury Tor, the predicted location of the Holy Grail.
GLENDALE   (Other)   English
Named for the suburb in Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney, Australia. The name is Scottish in origin and is taken from two words which both mean "valley".
GREENLAND   (Country)   English, Scots
Cognate of Grœnland.
HABANA   (Settlement)   Spanish
From the Spanish name of the capital city of Cuba, known in English as Havana, the origin and meaning of which is obscure. Most likely it is based on Habaguanex, the name of a local Taíno (Arawak) chief.
HALIFAX   (Settlement)   English
HERSHEY   (Settlement)   English
A small community in Pennsylvania.
HESHMON   (Settlement)   Biblical Hebrew
City south of Judah, recorded in Joshua 15:27. Literal meaning, "fatness." Contextual meaning, "abundant blessing."
HOY   (Island)   Scottish
The name is from the Isle of Hoy in Scotland.
HULL   (Settlement & River)   American, English
ICARIA   (Island)   Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek
The island where Icarus, son of Dedalus, was buried. Dedalus gave the island the name in his honor.
IOBEL   (Other)   ?
Sincha Samba Iobel seems to be a place in Guinea-Bissau.
ISÈRE   (Other)   French
The name of a region as well as a river in France.
ITASCA   (Body of Water)   English
Lake Itasca in north central Minnesota.... [more]
JAMAICA   (Island)   English
From the Arawaks originally called the island "Xymaica". It means "land of wood and water". Before the spaniards changed the name into Jamaica.
JERUSALEM   (Settlement)   English
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and has been a centerpoint for Judaism, Islam and Christianity for thousands of years. The name means city of peace or abode of peace.
JUMILLA   (Settlement)   Spanish
Jumilla is a town in southeastern Spain in the province of Murcia. The name comes from the Latin word for “reeds”.
KALISPELL   (Other)   Salishan (Rare)
The name Kalispell is a Salishan (Salish) word meaning "flat land above the lake". Kalispell is also the gateway to Glacier National Park.
KAUAI   (Island)   English, Hawaiian
KHALADAR   (Other)   ?
The name of a place.
KILAUEA   (Other)   Hawaiian
Like the volcano.
KYTHIRA   (Island)   Greek
A place name for an island in Greece
LACONIA   (Settlement)   English
Laconia is a place in New Hampshire.
LAKARI   (Settlement)   Urdu
Locational name, named for the town in India. The town's name is Urdu and means "wood".
LANSING   (Settlement)   English
The English usage is a place name originally derived from the town of Lancing in West Sussex (and which has also given names to other towns such as Lansing, Michigan and Lansing, New York). ''Lancing'' comes from the Old English personal name ''Wlanc'', meaning ''proud, imperious'', with the added suffix ''-ing'', indicating ''family of or follower of''.
LAWASA   (Body of Water)   Fijian
LÉRIDA   (Settlement)   Spanish
LEXINGTON   (Settlement)   English
A place name meaning "Leaxa's town" in Old English.
LIDETA   (Settlement)   African
LIDICE   (Settlement)   Czech
Lidice is a village in the Czech Republic, which was completely destroyed by German Nazis in 1942. All people from Lidice, including over 100 children, were murdered. People and places all over the world have been named after the village to commemorate the massacre.
LIDITZE   (Settlement)   Hungarian (?)
It is a small town in Hungeria that was invaded and destroyed by the Nazi and was built again years later.
LIFFEY   (River)   Irish
The River Liffey runs through the city of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. In poetry and mythology, the river is called Abhainn An Life, which is occasionally anglicized as 'Anna Liffey'
LILLE   (Settlement)   French
Name of a city in France.
LINZ   (Settlement)   English
LLORET DE MAR   (Settlement)   Catalan
LOXTON   (Settlement)   English
A town in England.
LUCERNE   (Settlement)   English, French
LUXOR   (Other)   English
LYDBROOK   (Settlement)   English
This is a village in the Forest of Dean, Old English for "dwell by the river"
MADEIRA   (Island)   Portuguese
MARBEIIA   (Island)   Mexican
old abandond island
MARLBOROUGH   (Other)   English
Originating from the name of a market town in Wiltshire. Legend has it that the Mound is the burial site of Merlin and that the name of the town, Marlborough comes from Merlin's Barrow.... [more]
MARMARA   (Body of Water)   English (Modern, Rare)
Place name; the Sea of Marmara is the inland sea that connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea in Turkey.
MARSELLA   (Settlement)   Catalan
Marsella is the catalan version of the city of Marseilles. It is a place name.
MARTINIQUE   (Island)   French
MEBANE   (Settlement)   English (Rare)
Mebane, NC
MELANESIA   (Region)   English
MELROSE   (Settlement)   Scottish
Habitational namefor a place near Galashiels in the Scottish borders, so named from British words that were ansetors of Welsh moel 'bare', 'barren' rhos 'heath'.... [more]
MONTEREY   (Settlement)   English
NAHLIEL   (Settlement)   Hebrew
NAIRN   (Settlement)   Scottish
A town in Inverness-shire, Scotland. The town is so called due to its location on the river Nairn, the name of which is probably of pre-Celtic origin.
NANELI   (Settlement)   Indian
NAVAN   (Other)   Irish
Irish place name meaning "the cave" (?)
NAVARRA   (Region)   Spanish
NAVARRE   (Country)   French
From the name of the historic Royaume de Navarre, a kingdom in the West Pyrenees mountains which is divided today between Spain and France. It is either derived from the Basque nabar, meaning "brownish" or "multicolor" (which would be a contrast with the green mountain lands north of the original County of Navarre); or from the Basque naba, "valley" or "plain", and herri, "land" or "people".
NICOSIA   (Settlement)   English
Capital of Cyprus.
NIZA   (Settlement)   Spanish
Spanish for the city of Nice, France.
NOLITA   (Political Subdivision)   American
A neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Derived from "NOrth of Little ITAly"123. Nolita is bounded on the north by Houston Street, on the east by the Bowery, on the south roughly by Broome Street, and on the west by Lafayette Street... [more]
OAKLAND   (Settlement)   English
This is name of places in the United States and Canada (including the one in California).... [more]
OBAN   (Settlement)   Scottish
An t-Òban in Scottish Gaelic meaning ''The Little Bay''.
OSTRAVA   (Other)   South American
Place name
POMPEII   (Settlement)   Ancient Roman
Possibly derived from the Oscan pompe "five", becoming the Latin second declension plural, pompeii. This may be because the community formerly consisted of five hamlets, or was perhaps settled by a family group (gens Pompeia).... [more]
PORTLAND   (Settlement)   American
In America, it is most likely used as a place name in reference to Portland, Oregon.
PUDSEY   (Settlement)   English
This name is of Anglo - Saxian origin.... [more]
PUYOG   (Other)   Filipino
RAKOW   (Settlement)   Polish
Polish Village.
RHYL   (Settlement)   Welsh
This is the name of a town in Northern Wales.
ROSEBERY   (Settlement)   English
Australian locational name.
SANDHURST   (Settlement)   English
Old English, meaning "sandy thicket of trees." A place name. In England, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (named after the village it is located) is the prestigious British Army officer training centre.
SCARBOROUGH   (Settlement)   English
The name of a city in England. It is mentioned in the folk song "Scarborough Fair" about a fair held in the Middle Ages. A notable version of this song is the one by Simon and Garfunkel.
SETON   (Settlement)   English
A Scottish place, Seaton near Longniddry, "is so named because it was held from the 12th century by a Norman family de Sey, from Say in Indre. Other places of this name, for example those in Cumbria, Devon, County Durham, Northumbria, and Yorkshire, are mostly named with Old English "sea, lake" and tun "enclosure, settlement"... [more]
SEYCHELLES   (Island)   English
from the Seychelles Islands
SIYMEN   (Settlement)   Bulgarian
SKIPTON   (Settlement)   English
A town in North Yorkshire, England meaning "sheep town".
ŚNIEŻKA   (Mountain)   Polish
Name of a mountain on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland, the most prominent point of the Silesian Ridge in the Krkonoše mountains.
SNIR   (River)   Biblical Hebrew
It's a river in the Bible, near the Hermon Mount. Sometimes the Hermon itself is called "Snir".
TAHOE   (Body of Water)   American
Tahoe is a lake on the California/Nevada border in America.
TAMPA   (Settlement)   English
After the city of Tampa in the state of Florida. Tampa is from a Calusa word, the Calusa being the Native American tribe that once lived in the area. The exact word in unknown; it may have meant "sticks of fire", possibly referring to lightning, or "the place to gather sticks"... [more]
TANGIER   (Settlement)   English
Meaning uncertain, though it is said to be derived from the name Tingis, the daughter of the Titan Atlas in Greek mythology. Another theory suggests an origin from Semitic tigisis meaning "harbour"... [more]
TANZANIA   (Country)   English
TARRANT   (River)   English
River Tarrant in Dorset.
TESLIN   (Other)   English
Name of a mountain, plateau, river, and small lake in Yukon, Canada, and of a larger lake spanning the Yukon-British Columbia border.
THESSALONIKA   (Settlement)   English
Greek city
TIREE   (Island)   Scottish
From the name of the island off the west coast of Scotland. The name in Gaelic is Tiriodh, or Tir Iodh, meaning 'land of corn'.
TIRINTHA   (Settlement)   Ancient Greek
Ancient Greek name of Tyrins.
TORONTO   (Settlement)   English
The name of a city in Canada.
TRURO   (Settlement)   Cornish
Truro, Cornwall
TUNISIA   (Country)   English, Italian, Galician
Derived from the name تُونِس (tūnis), the name of the capital city of Tunisia (see Tunis, of disputed meaning. One theory suggests Berber origin from the Tamazight root ⵜⵏⵙ (tns) meaning "to lay down" or "encampment" or ens meaning "to lie down, to pass the night", Others state that the name is from Tanith, the name of a Phoenician goddess, or from Tynes, the name of an ancient city... [more]
TUSCANY   (Region)   English
Tuscany is named after the Etruscans who settled central Italy in the 8th century BC.
TUSTAN   (Settlement)   Persian
VILLARREAL   (Settlement)   Spanish
Villarreal is a city in the province of Castelló, in the Valencian Community, Spain.
VIRGINIË   (Political Subdivision)   Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Virginia.
VIROQUA   (Settlement)   English
From the Spanish Veragua. A town in Wisconsin.
VOLGA   (River)   English, Russian
English and Russian name for the largest river in Europe. The Old Mari name of the river is Volgydo, which means "bright". The name volgydo is cognate to Finno-Ugric valkea meaning "white" or "bright"... [more]
WISLEY   (Settlement)   English
It is a small village in Surrey, England.
WORTHINGTON   (Settlement)   English
Place name meaning either "Wurð's settlement" or "enclosed settlement" in Old English.
WRYETON   (Settlement)   English
Middle English Wry(e) may mean "bent", "twisted" combined with the "ton" ending.
ZÜRICH   (Settlement)   German
A Swiss city.
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