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These names have not yet been assigned to a category. Some of them may be spurious.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ADYGE KHEKU   (Region)   Adyghe
Adyghe form of Circassia.
AĞBAN   (Settlement)   Khakas
Khakas form of Abakan.
BENGAL   (Country)   Bengal
An independent kingdom from 1338-1539, now part of Bangladesh and India.
CHAMPA   (Country)   Champa
Located in south and central Vietnam from the 7th century through 1832.
FÆRØYANE   (Country)   Norwegian (nynorsk)
Cognate of FØROYAR.
FÆRØYENE   (Country)   Norwegian (bokmål)
Cognate of FØROYAR.
IOBEL   (Other)   ?
Sincha Samba Iobel seems to be a place in Guinea-Bissau.
KHALADAR   (Other)   ?
The name of a place.
QARAQALPAQSTAN   (Region)   Karakalpak
Karakalpak original form of Karakalpakstan.
ULAAN ÜDE   (Settlement)   Buryat
Buryat form of Ulan-Ude.
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