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Sarajevo 5/19/2023, 3:44 AM by Macedonian
Llanberis 5/11/2023, 1:34 AM by Anonymous User
The Beris in Llanberis isn't a corruption of Peris, it's just Peris after having been mutated due to treiglo (A grammatical rule in Welsh where the first letter of a word is changed depending on the word before it in order to help with pronunciation; a bit like the word a becoming an in English)
Wyoming 5/10/2023, 12:57 PM by Anonymous User
Wyoming is the name of 3 counties in New York State, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. It is also the name of a borough in Pennsylvania and a village in New York State.
Valhalla 4/29/2023, 9:43 AM by Anonymous User
Valhalla is also the name of a hamlet in Westchester County, New York.
Oklahoma 4/14/2023, 9:18 AM by SwissArmyKnife
OOOoooooooklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!
And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the raAAAAAAAAAAin!
Samara 3/8/2023, 2:52 PM by Anonymous User
The Russian city Samara is named after the Samara River, which probably means "summer water" or "summer pasture" in the Indo-Iranian language. [noted -ed]
America 2/6/2023, 1:12 PM by Anonymous User
What do you think people named America would think of this XD.
Beliz 1/26/2023, 9:12 AM by Elyllabethannie
Belizameth is a waitress at The Speckled Trout Restaurant and Bottle Shop in Blowing Rock, NC.
Kanada 1/2/2023, 11:46 AM by nekomeow123
This is also the Japanese form of saying Canada. [noted -ed]
Corinthe 12/16/2022, 7:31 PM by Anonymous User
Personal Impression: Corinthe would make a good first name. It sounds feminine and strong.
Cyprus 12/16/2022, 7:27 PM by Anonymous User
Personal Impression: Cyprus stands well as a first name. It not only evokes a idyllic Mediterranean island, it also is a homonym for cypress, which is a tree. This makes Cyprus have a very natural feel. It fits in with the growing popularity of nature-based names, while having a spelling that seems a bit more dignified and name-like.
Qatar 11/29/2022, 2:48 PM by j4lambert
Qatar is the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
Bellevue 9/24/2022, 2:05 PM by Bronstone Howlric
I love this as a girl’s first name!
Francia 7/16/2022, 6:44 AM by LeoBeyene
Italian pronunciation is /ˈfran.t͡ʃa/ or FRAN-cha. [noted -ed]
Jerusalem 7/13/2022, 12:57 PM by NamesAreTreasures
Really gorgeous name.
Stockholm 5/4/2022, 9:48 AM by Beautiful Victory
The Swedish pronunciation is /'stɔk.(h)ɔlm/ (stress on the first syllable). Listen to the pronunciations here: [noted -ed]
Verenigde Staten 4/7/2022, 7:36 AM by Anonymous User
Dutch form of United States. It is literally a direct translation of the country's name, since it consists of the Dutch adjective verenigde meaning "united" combined with the Dutch noun staten meaning "states".Note: the official name of the country is United States of America, which translates to Dutch as Verenigde Staten van Amerika. The country is never called that in Dutch, however. It is only ever called Amerika, Verenigde Staten and VS (pronounced as vay-es). The latter is an abbreviation of Verenigde Staten, which makes it equivalent to US, the English abbreviation of United States. Please note that VSA (which would be equivalent to USA) is hardly ever used, if at all. It is a technically correct abbreviation, but it just never became mainstream.- (in Dutch)
- (in English)
- (in English)
- (in English)(Information from name #321097 originally submitted by user Lucille)
Medina 2/10/2022, 7:19 AM by Anonymous User
English: /meˈdina/, /məˈdiːnə/ or
/mɪˈdaɪnə/ - a city Medina in Medina County, Ohio.
And /ˈmədaɪ.nə/ - a city Medina in Gibson County, Tennessee, United State.
[noted -ed]
Medina 2/10/2022, 6:43 AM by Anonymous User
It's interesting to note, that the main river of the Isle of Wight is called Medina.
Although in this case «The name Medina comes from the Old English Meðune meaning "the middle one", and the current pronunciation was first recorded as 'Medine' in 1196.»
According to Wikipedia, «"Medina" was an older name for Newport which has been preserved in the River Medina.»Also, Medina was a non-metropolitan district with the status of a borough on the Isle of Wight in England from 1974 to 1995.

Nederländerna 1/28/2022, 9:41 PM by Anonymous User
I'm not sure how its pronounced. I believe its said ne-der-land-er-na.
Zimbabve 1/27/2022, 3:13 AM by Jenkowelten
Pronounced as /zim.bɑbˈvɛ/ or /zimˈbɑb.vɛ/ in Armenian
Indonesia 11/22/2021, 12:28 PM by glacier_bear_82
Indonesia is also Greek, Hebrew, Thai, Lao, Burmese, Persian, Urdu, and Sinhalese.Scripts: Ινδονησία (Greek), אִינדוֹנֵזִיָה (Hebrew), อินโดนีเซีย, ประเทศอินโดนีเซีย (Thai), ອິນໂດເນເຊຍ (Lao), အင်ဒိုနီးရှား (Burmese), اندونزی (Persian), انڈونیشیا (Urdu), ඉන්දුනීසියාව (Sinhala)
Indonesia 11/22/2021, 11:57 AM by glacier_bear_82
The "Usage" of this name lists "Late Greek". However, the "Scripts" section of this name lists, "Ἰνδονησία (Ancient Greek)". Meanwhile, the entry for "India" lists "Ancient Greek" as a usage, and the "Scripts" section for "India" lists, "Ἰνδία (Ancient Greek)". Thus, something isn't consistent across this place names websites. Therefore, I think that the usage of Ancient Greek should be added to this name, the Ancient Greek script can be kept, and I'm not sure what to do about the Late Greek usage.Sources:
Natzrat 11/17/2021, 9:43 AM by Israella
Fun fact: in Hebrew the word "Christian" (Nozri;נוצרי) comes from the name "Natzrat".
Argentina 11/8/2021, 7:25 AM by Israella
This is also used in Hebrew: ארגנטינה [noted -ed]
Lituania 10/9/2021, 1:19 PM by HL
Also the Indonesian name for Lithuania -- (in Indonesian) [noted -ed]
Italia 9/27/2021, 12:16 AM by usernameunavailable
This is the place name collection of Behind the Name.
London 9/18/2021, 4:55 PM by Anonymous User
London a place in England.
Santana 9/5/2021, 2:40 PM by Anonymous User
Cute as a middle name.
Ravenna 9/3/2021, 10:19 AM by VerdeIperbolico
IPA transcription of Italian pronunciation: /raˈ (, [noted -ed]
Amsterdam 9/3/2021, 6:22 AM by VerdeIperbolico
Also used in Italian. IPA: /ˈam.ster.dam/ ( or /am.sterˈdam/ (, but I've mostly heard the former. [noted -ed]
Algeri 9/2/2021, 11:48 AM by VerdeIperbolico
IPA transcription of pronunciation: /alˈd͡ʒɛ.ri/. [noted -ed]
Roma 9/2/2021, 8:54 AM by VerdeIperbolico
IPA transcription of Italian pronunciation: /ˈroma/. [noted -ed]
Teheran 9/2/2021, 8:52 AM by VerdeIperbolico
Italian pronunciation: /teeˈran/.
Tokyo 9/2/2021, 8:16 AM by VerdeIperbolico
Also used in Italian. IPA: /ˈtɔ.kjo/. [noted -ed]
Londra 9/2/2021, 8:00 AM by VerdeIperbolico
IPA transcription of pronunciation: /ˈlon.dra/ [noted -ed]
Pechino 9/2/2021, 7:53 AM by VerdeIperbolico
IPA pronunciation: /peˈkino/. [noted -ed]
Australia 8/21/2021, 11:44 PM by Anonymous User
Best country in the world.
Odessa 7/16/2021, 8:03 AM by HailCthulhu
The city of Odessa in Ukraine is named after the ancient Greek settlement of Odessos. [noted -ed] That name most likely came from a pre-Greek language and means "town on the water".
Sweden 7/7/2021, 6:49 PM by Anonymous User
Reminds me of the Sweden music on Minecraft.
Myanmar 6/13/2021, 2:36 PM by glacier_bear_82
Myanmar is also Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, Pashto, Uyghur, Catalan, Galician, Basque, and Chichewa.Scripts: מיאנמר (Hebrew), میانمار (Persian), میانمار (Urdu), میانمار (Pashto), بېرما (Uyghur)
Thailand 6/13/2021, 2:20 PM by glacier_bear_82
Thailand is also Hebrew, Urdu, Pashto, Uyghur, Afrikaans, Chichewa, Filipino, Cebuano, Malay, Indonesian, Javanese, and Sundanese.Scripts: תאילנד (Hebrew), تھائی لینڈ (Urdu), تایلینډ (Pashto), تايلاند (Uyghur)
Vietnam 6/13/2021, 1:59 PM by glacier_bear_82
Vietnam is also Javanese, Sundanese, Filipino, Cebuano, Hebrew, Arabic, Bengali, Nepali, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odia, Sinhala, Malayalam, Afrikaans, Hausa, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Albanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Pashto, Turkish, Uyghur, and Chichewa.Scripts: וייטנאם (Hebrew), فيتنام (Arabic),
ۋيېتنام (Uyghur), ویتنام (Pashto), ভিয়েতনাম (Bengali), भियतनाम (Nepali), व्हिएतनाम (Marathi), વિયેટનામ (Gujarati), ਵੀਅਤਨਾਮ (Punjabi Shahmukhi), ଭିଏତନାମ (Odia), වියට්නාමය (Sinhala), വിയറ്റ്നാം (Malayalam), Виетнам (Bulgarian), Виетнам (Macedonian)
Japan 6/13/2021, 1:19 PM by glacier_bear_82
Japan is also Myanma/Burmese, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, Cebuano, Afrikaans, and Chichewa.Scripts: ဂျပန် (Myanma/Burmese), יפן (Hebrew), ژاپن (Persian), جاپان (Urdu), जापान (Hindi)Sources: -ဂျပန်#Burmese (in English)
-ဂျပန်နိုင်ငံ (in Burmese)
Korea 6/13/2021, 1:01 PM by glacier_bear_82
Korea is also Filipino, Cebuano, Hebrew, Urdu, Chichewa, Basque, and Armenian. Scripts: קוריאה (Hebrew), کوریا (Urdu), Կորեա (Armenian) [noted -ed]
China 6/13/2021, 12:49 PM by glacier_bear_82
China is also the Cebuano, Galician, and Chichewa name for the country.
India 6/13/2021, 12:37 PM by glacier_bear_82
India is also Hebrew, Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano, Lao, Galician, Basque, and Chichewa. Scripts: הוֹדוּ (Hebrew), ອິນເດຍ (Lao)Sources: - Lao:ປະເທດອິນເດຍ (in Lao) -- written as ອິນເດຍ
Tagalog: (in Tagalog)
Zimbabve 4/26/2021, 1:11 AM by Anonymous User
Usages: Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Macedonian, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Tajik, Turkish, Ukrainian, UzbekPronunciation: zyim-BAB-veh(Russian)Transcription: Зимбабве(Bulgarian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Macedonian, Mongolian Cyrillic, Russian, Serbian, Tajik, Uzbek Cyrillic) زىيمبابۆە(Kazakh Arabic) Зімбабве(Ukrainian)Meaning: Form of ZIMBABWE.- (in English)
- (in English)
• Azerabaijani: (in Azerbaijani)
• Bosnian: (in Bosnian)
• Bulgarian: (in Bulgarian)
• Croatian: (in Croatian)
• Kazakh: (in Kazakh)
• Kyrgyz: (in Kyrgyz)
• Latvian: (in Latvian)
• Macedonian: (in Macedonian)
• Mongolian: (in Mongolian)
• Russian: (in Russian)
• Serbian: (in Serbian)
• Slovene: (in Slovene)
• Tajik: (in Tajik)
• Turkish: (in Turkish)
• Ukrainian: (in Ukrainian)
• Uzbek: (in Uzbek)(Information from name #272189 originally submitted by user Sofia) [noted -ed]
Rhodesia 4/26/2021, 1:07 AM by Anonymous User
Usages: English, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, SwedishPronunciation: ro-DEE-shə(English) ro-DEE-zhə(English)Meaning: Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia (named after British diplomat Cecil Rhodes) prior to 1980.- (in English)
- (in English)
• Danish: (in Danish)
• Finnish: (in Finnish)
• Italian: (in Italian)
• Norwegian: (in Norwegian)
• Romanian: (in Romanian)
• Swedish: (in Swedish)(Information from name #260983 originally submitted by user anonymous)
Gwatemala 4/26/2021, 1:06 AM by Anonymous User
Usages: Maltese, Polish, TurkmenPronunciation: gva-teh-MA-la(Polish)Meaning: Maltese, Polish, and Turkmen form of Guatemala.- (in English)
- Maltese: (in Maltese)
- Polish: (in Polish)
- Turkmen: (in Turkmen)(Information from name #348279 originally submitted by user lezginkas) [noted -ed]