Name Element BALÞAZ

Type Word & Element

Meaning & History

Germanic word meaning "bold, brave" [1][2].

Related Items

Other Languages & Culturesbeald(Anglo-Saxon) bald(Frankish) bald(Old High German)
Given Name DescendantsBoele(Dutch) Baldilo, Baldo(Germanic) Baldo(Italian) Baldo, Baudilio(Spanish)
Surname DescendantsBeulen, Beulens, Boelens, Boels, Bulle, Bullens(Dutch) Baudin(French) Baldi(Italian) Valdez(Spanish)

Sources & References

  1. Kroonen, Guus. Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic. Brill, 2013, page 50.
  2. Orel, Vladimir. A Handbook of Germanic Etymology. Brill, 2003, page 34.
Entry added December 7, 2022