Name Element BAYIT

Type Word
Scripts בַּיִת(Ancient Hebrew)

Meaning & History

Hebrew word meaning "house, home" [1].

Related Items

Given Name DescendantsBethanie, Bethany, Bethel, Bethney(English) Betânia, Bethânia(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Belén(Spanish) Betania, Bethania(Spanish (Latin American))
Place Name DescendantsBayt Lahm(Arabic) Bethany, Bethel, Bethlehem(Biblical) Bethania, Bethleem(Biblical Greek) Beit-'El, Beit-Lechem(Biblical Hebrew) Betania(Biblical Italian) Bethania, Bethleem(Biblical Latin) Betânia(Biblical Portuguese) Belén, Betania(Biblical Spanish) Betlém(Czech) Bethlehem(Dutch) Bethlehem(English) Bethléem(French) Bethlehem(German) Betlemme(Italian) Betlehem(Slovak) Belén(Spanish)

Sources & References

  1. Strong, James. The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, entry H1004, available from
Entry updated May 29, 2020