Name Element BLAG

Type Word
Scripts благ(Macedonian, Bulgarian)

Meaning & History

South Slavic word meaning "sweet, pleasant, good" [1].

Related Items

Given Name DescendantsBlaga, Blago, Blagovest, Blagovesta, Blagoy, Blagoslav, Blagun, Blaguna(Bulgarian) Blago, Blaž(Croatian) Blahoslav(Czech) Blagica, Blagoj, Blagun, Blaguna, Blaže, Blazhe(Macedonian) Blagoje(Serbian) Blaž(Slovene)
Surname DescendantBlažević(Croatian)

Sources & References

  1. Derksen, Rick. Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon. Brill, 2008, page 51.
Entry updated December 7, 2022