Name Element HULTĄ

Type Word

Meaning & History

Germanic word meaning "wood" [1][2].

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Other Languages & Culturesholt(Anglo-Saxon) holt(Old Dutch) holz(Old High German) holt(Old Norse) holt(Old Saxon)
Surname DescendantsHolt(Danish) Holt, Van der Hout, Van Hautum, Van Hout, Van Houte, Van Houtem, Van Houten, Van Houttum, Van Houtum, Van 't Hout(Dutch) Holt(English) Holtz, Hölzer, Holzer(German) Holt(Norwegian) Hult(Swedish)

Sources & References

  1. Kroonen, Guus. Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic. Brill, 2013, page 254.
  2. Orel, Vladimir. A Handbook of Germanic Etymology. Brill, 2003, page 192.
Entry added December 7, 2022