Name Element MÁEL

Type Word
Usage Old Irish

Meaning & History

Old Irish word meaning "bald, shaved, tonsured", and by extension "devotee, servant" [1].

Related Items

Given Name DescendantsMalcolm, Malcom, Malone(English) Marmaduke(English (British)) Granuaile(History) Malachy, Maolsheachlann(Irish) Máel Coluim, Máel Ísu(Medieval Scottish) Maeleachlainn, Máel Máedóc, Máel Sechlainn, Máel Sechnaill(Old Irish) Malcolm, Malina(Scottish) Maoilios, Maol Chaluim(Scottish Gaelic)
Same Spellingmael

Sources & References

  1. Matasović, Ranko. Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic. Brill, 2009, page 260.
Entry updated January 21, 2022