Name Element PAPPAS

Type Word
Scripts πάππας(Ancient Greek)

Meaning & History

Greek word meaning "father" (an alternative to the more formal πατήρ (pater)), and later acquiring the meaning "priest".

Related Items

Other Languages & Culturespapa(Ancient Roman) popŭ(Medieval Slavic)
Surname DescendantsPopov, Popova(Bulgarian) Popović(Croatian) Pope(English) Pape(French) Pabst, Pfaff(German) Papadimitriou, Papadopoulos, Papadopoulou, Papageorgiou, Papaioannou, Papanikolaou, Pappa, Pappas(Greek) Papp(Hungarian) Popovska, Popovski(Macedonian) Pop, Popa, Popescu(Romanian) Popov, Popova(Russian) Popović(Serbian)
Entry updated May 29, 2020