Name Element PRITENI

Meaning & History

Old Celtic word meaning "Briton, Celt of the British Islands".

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Other Languages & Culturesbrito(Ancient Roman)
Given Name DescendantsBret, Brett, Britney, Brittani, Brittany, Brittney, Brittny, Britton, Britannia, Brittania(English)
Surname DescendantsBrett, Brittain, Britton(English) Bret(French)
Place Name DescendantsBritannia(Ancient Roman) Breizh(Breton) Britaniya(Bulgarian) Britannien(Danish) Bretagne, Brittannië(Dutch) Britain, Brittany(English) Bretagne(French) Bretagne, Britannien(German) Bretagna(Italian) Buriten(Japanese) Bretaigne(Medieval French) Britaniya(Russian) Bretaña(Spanish) Britannien(Swedish)

Entry added October 20, 2016