Name Element RE'A

Type Word
Scripts רֵעַ(Ancient Hebrew)

Meaning & History

Hebrew word meaning "friend" [1].

Related Items

Given Name DescendantsRaguel, Reuel, Ruth(Biblical) Rhagouel, Rhouth(Biblical Greek) Reuel, Rut(Biblical Hebrew) Raguhel, Rauhel, Ruth(Biblical Latin) Rút(Czech) Ruth(Danish) Ruth(Dutch) Ruth(English) Rutt, Ruth(Estonian) Ruut(Finnish) Ruth(German) Reut, Rut(Hebrew) Rut(Icelandic) Raguel(Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend) Ruta(Latvian) Rūta(Lithuanian) Ruth(Norwegian) Ruta(Polish) Rute(Portuguese) Ruf(Russian) Rút(Slovak) Rut, Ruth(Spanish) Rut, Ruth(Swedish)

Sources & References

  1. Strong, James. The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, entry H7453, available from
Entry updated February 4, 2020