Jewish Names

Jewish names are names used by people of Jewish ethnicity and/or religion. Other potential titles for this category of names include:

  • Hebrew names, but not all Jewish names derive from Hebrew, for example many come from Yiddish.
  • Israeli names, but most Jews live outside of Israel.

The complete Jewish name usually consists of one or more given names and a family name. Some Jews have both a religious given name, usually Hebrew, and a secular given name, in the local language.

Ashkenazic Jews (from Eastern Europe) traditionally named their children after deceased relatives, while Sephardic Jews (from Spain and the Middle East) named them after living relatives.

Modern Jewish given names are often taken from modern Hebrew vocabulary words, for example Dov and Orli. Ancient Hebrew names are also commonly used. Jews live all over the world, and are often given (or take on) names in the local language. For example, American and European Jews commonly use European names.

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