Marian Names

Marian Names are names which honour the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Since Mary tends to be more widely revered by Roman Catholics, Marian names are most often used in Catholic regions. They are common in Spain.

The simplest way to honour the Virgin is obviously to use her name Mary, Maria, or one of its other cognates. However, at certain times in some cultures her name has been considered too holy to be used.

Some Marian names are taken from titles of the Virgin.

Other names are taken from places where there are sanctuaries honouring her.

Others are from events in her life.

  • Annunziata - the angel's announcement to Mary that she would conceive the son of God
  • Asunción - the assumption of Mary into heaven
  • Concepción - the immaculate conception
  • Encarnación - the incarnation of Jesus in her womb
  • Visitación - the visit of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth