Mobile Update

November 13, 2018

The pain of using this site on mobile devices should be somewhat lessened.

The site can now be squeezed to a narrower width, meaning your phone can display it without scaling it down. To accomodate the new width, when the screen gets narrow the tabs on the name pages are replaced with a row of buttons at the bottom of the page. These buttons should "stick" to the bottom of the screen. They can be swiped to scroll horizontally when there are too many buttons to fit.

In order to match the desktop site, the mobile menu has moved to the top right and the logo appears at the left.

Hopefully everyone finds the site a bit easier to use and a bit more attractive. As usual, if there are any problems, use the "contact" link at the bottom of the page to send an email.

Thanks to Jason Gerard Clauss for design help.