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Member since   May 23, 2016
Real name Tara
Location Land of the Fair Folk
About me: I'm bilingual, I'm obsessed with various books/movies/tv shows, and I'm a musician. I spend most of my time travelling or reading the same ~11 books repeatedly.

I'm honestly just obsessed with names.
Whether is translating my friends' names in and out of our various languages, or figuring out what to call fictional characters, I'm on this site way too much.
My favourite names are Irish (like my own) or based on history/mythology.

Anwen Minerva
Clare Helena
Estella Joan
Diana Lennox
Hero Claremond
Helen Rhiannon
Saoirse Maeve
Diana Gwen
Lennox Rhiannon
Rosamond Xanthe
Rhiannon Sylvia
Helen Ursa
Simonetta Joan
Hypatia Rhiannon
Roxana Clare
Rhiannon Kerry

Daniel Cairbre
Daíre Séaghdha
Luke Harrison
Owen Marlowe
Lennox Daniel
Edmund Felix
Viggo Daíre
Naoise Daniel
Tiernan James
Daíre Lennox
Alastar Edmund
Tristan Daniel
Jordan Lennox
Owen Jude
Alastar Keegan
Finnian Jude

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