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My name is Israela

Odessa, Hilda, Hilde, Clifford, Cliff, Anna, Vlad, Valda, Viktoria, Rosa, Rosawhita, Clifton, Claude, Claudia, Oskar, Imperia, Ditte, Adone, Lolita, Lilith, Carla, Moni. Ingrid, Irma, Coralia, Dietlinda, Aadolfiia, Heidi, Anne, Forest, Laura, Lucie, Vladimir, Nora, Eva, Aria, Isabella, Hana'le, Judith, Lavr, Hanna, Hannelore, Lore
Hannie, Rune, Aura, Hera, Era, Zofia, Zusia, Moni, Monika, Mirko, Mirka, Bluma, Odesia , Ilse, Ilsegard, Flora, Greta, Elsa, Slava, Erika, Odiseia, Villna, Siegrun, Anna, Anne
Names of notable people :
Sophie Sholl
Hans Sholl
Irene sandler
Oskar Schindler
Amelia Schindler
Hannah Senesh
Hannie schaft
Menachem Begin

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Diamanta   f   Judeo-Spanish
means "diamond"
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I love the name Grace! I just love the 1940s vibe of this name. ( I am a big fan of vintage fashion and anything vintage, especially from the 1940s) I guess it's because of the game fran bow haha.... [more]
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Slavik   m   Russian
The male version of the shorter Slava with the diminutive suffix -ik
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Shulamit Aloni was the leader of the political party Ratz which later became Meretz.... [more]
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This is also a name of a city near Jerusalem.
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Also used in Russia.

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Name List: WW2 ocs

  • ... The best feminine version of Aadolf
  • ... this name is Beautiful
  • Adolf
    100%(1 vote)
    ... Adolf is the father of Germania and the husband of Gardenia, Adolf died from a heart disease. Adolf had a blonde hair and blue eyes, liked Fishing and wore brown glasses.
  • ... Ludwig's older sister. She has a short dirty blonde hair, small lips and is very tall. She and Her husband Albert very involved a lot in Bavarian Politics. Right now she is focusing on other things.
  • ... She is the lover of Hans (Wrens brother and Anton's brother), also she is the sister of Hanna. She is a Albino. She finds interest in reading. She is Jewish and a passionate Zionist.
  • Bulma
    90%(2 votes)
    ... "...Bluma was sitting on a giant rock singing her favorite melody..."
  • ... The youngest daughter of Elsabeth (Elsa) Fishmann and Germann Shul, she has brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. She is a talented child who loves to draw and sing.
  • ... Ditte was the nickname of Dietlinde
  • Draga
    90%(1 vote)
    ... I used this one for my story, "Her mother was a beautiful chubby lady. She had black curly hair, brown hazel eyes, her lips were pouty, her nose was small and pointy. Her name was Draga."
  • ... The twin of Europa and Olimpia. Her middle names are Heidie and Viktoria
  • ... The daughter of Florianne (the sister of Germania). Europa is the sister sisters are :Erika and Olimpia. She is a polite girl who likes sewing and Gardening. Her middle name is Gloria.
  • ... The younger sister of Germania,
  • ... Germania got married with Menachem (Mendel) , Her family was against her choice after all, they were aristocrats and Menachem was a poor Jew.
  • ... The Twin of Anna, also the lover of Anton. They stopped dating in 1937 because it was extremely dangerous. Anton didn't move on and when he met her in Poland he was shocked.
  • ... There are two charcters with that name : Mendel the brother of Sara who died in the age of five from a rare illness. He was the only boy in this family./// The second Mendel is the husband of Germania
  • ... The father of Anna, Hanna and Yozef. Was the husband of Sara. Born to a Hassidic family in Poland, lived in Germany. in 1937 ran away to Poland with his family
  • ... the second name of Germania. She is the daughter of Adolf and Gardenia in my book. She's blonde and tall with greenish eyes. She the aunt of Wren and member of the anti-Nazi resistance group
  • ... Rudolf was the father of Wren, Anton, Hans and the husband of Clara Fishmann. After Clara's death Rudolf started drinking, and became a alcoholic .
  • ... The third name of Erika.
  • ... The youngest Daughter of Rudolf Fishmann and the sister of the twins Anton and Hans. She has a dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Works in the Gestapo but secretly is a member of resistance group.