Black_X's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
Abeni f  I love the meaning. 
Abigaia f  I think it's much more beautiful than Abigail. 
Abigail f  Friend's name. 
Acantha f  Beautiful, yet with a dangerous edge. 
Ada 1 f
Adara f
Adelaide f
Adhara f
Adrasteia f
Adrienne f
Aeron f & m  For the people who want to name their girl Berry . . . 
Afra 2 f
Aiday f  Pretty and mysterious. She shines with the light of the moon. 
Aikaterine f
Aina 3 f
Airi 1 f
Aisling f
Akane f  I love names that have to do with the color red. 
Alastríona f  It sounds like the name of a princess. 
Alazne f
Alecto f & m  It's pretty, but I also find it a bit manly due to it's similarity to Alec. 
Alice f  Great Grandma's name. 
Allegra f  I hate that it's the name of an allergy medicine. 
Amaia f
Amani f  So soft and sweet. 
Amarantha f
Amaterasu f
Ambrosine f
Anahera f  It does look a little too much like a combination of Ana and Hera. I still like it, though. 
Andraste f
Andromache f  I can imagine this being the name of the only female soldier in an army. 
Andromeda f
Angerona f  The only thing off-putting is that it starts with "Anger". 
Anjali f  A long-time favorite. 
Ansa f
Arabella f  Please, don't call the girl "Bella". 
Araceli f
Arachne f
Aretha f
Arethusa f  A strange combintation of beautiful and ugly. 
Ariadne f  It makes me think of shy, smart girl. 
Arista f
Artemis f
Aruzhan f
Ásdís f
Asha 1 f
Asherah f  Beautiful, but I hate the nickname Ash. 
Ashtoreth f  I like it a lot, but I'd probably only use it as the name of an evil fictional character due to its similarity to "Astaroth". 
Astra f
Astraea f
Asunción f  I think the meaning is funny. 
Atarah f
Athena f
Audra 1 f
Aurore f  I strongly prefer this to "Aurora". 
Aušra f  Beautiful, when pronounced OW-shra. 
Avani f  I came across this name on another site and instantly fell in love with it. 
Aveline f  Pronounced with a short "A". A-ve-leen. 
Ayelet f  A bit too close to "eyelet", but I still think it's a pretty name. 
Aysel f
Aysun f
Azucena f
Azura f
Bastet f  Not the prettiest name in the world, but I still find it lovely. 
Bellatrix f  Bellatrix Lestrange was an awesome villianess. 
Berenice f  Old yet still beautiful. I love it. 
Berezi f
Beverly f  Great Grandma's name. 
Bithiah f
Blanche f  French pronunciation only. 
Calanthe f  A very beautiful name. 
Calla f
Cara f  Simple, yet still very pretty. 
Carys f
Catriona f
Celestine f
Chantrea f & m
Charlotte f  Beautiful! We need more Charlottes. 
Charmion f
Charna f  It sounds so innocent, yet it has a sort of gothic edge. 
Chloris f  A big improvement over "Chloe". 
Chrysanthe f  Chrys or Cathy would be good nicknames. 
Consuela f
Cora f
Crescentia f  Absolutely beautiful! 
Cybele f
Cyra f
Demetria f
Desdemona f  Gorgeous and dark. 
Despoina f
Devorah f
Diamantina f  Instead of Diamond, try this on for size. 
Dinah f
Drusilla f
Effie f  Nickname only. 
Effrosyni f
Eha f
Eira 1 f  So simple, yet so beautiful. 
Eirian f & m
Eirlys f
Eithne f
Elanor f
Elda f
Elizabeth f  Was always a favorite. Class, elegance, strength, what more could one ask for? 
Ellen 1 f  "Ellen" needs a bit more love. 
Elpis f  I'd strongly recommend this over "Hope". 
Elspeth f
Elvira f  Spunky. I wouldn't use it in real life, though, because it's too strongly associated with the Mistress of the Dark. 
Emira f
Emperatriz f
Enyo f
Eos f
Éowyn f  I think of Tolkien's character, and that's not a bad thing at all. 
Era f
Eris f  The Greek goddess isn't the best namesake, but I still love the name. 
Estefanía f  Very sensual and womanly. 
Estrella f  I find it a great improvement over "Estella" and "Estelle". 
Ethelinda f
Europa f  Looks too much like "Europe". Shame; it's very pretty. 
Evadne f
Evangeline f  Beautiful, but trendy. 
Eydís f
Fiammetta f
Fiera f
Filomena f  "Filo" is a nice nickname. 
Fiorella f  A little too frilly. Still, it's a nice name. 
Gabrielle f
Gaia f
Galadriel f  Tolkien has created a real jewel of a name here. 
Genevieve f  I would strongly consider this for a child. 
Geretrudis f
Ginevra f  Great name, but I'd like another nickname besides "Ginny". 
Giovanna f  Gogeous. 
Griselda f  Old, but charming. 
Gwyneira f  Snow White? No. Gwyneira? Yes, please! 
Hala f  I wonder how such a short name can have such a long and gorgeous meaning. 
Harmonia f
Haruna 1 f  "Runa" is a cute nickname. 
Hathor f
Hecate f
Helena f  I have always adored this name, and I always will. 
Hera f  Regal and powerful. 
Hestia f  Holds unique beauty. 
Hikari f & m
Hila f
Hilda f  Some consider it an old lady name, but I've never viewed it that way. I think it's great. 
Hildegard f  Same as Hilda. 
Hillevi f
Hirune f
Honorine f
Idril f
Ilithyia f  "Ilithyia", "Ilithyia", "Ilithyia". I just love saying it. 
Imani f  So pretty and soft. 
Imogen f
Indrani f  Something about it speaks to me, even though it's not very pretty. 
Iona 1 f
Ione f
Iphigeneia f
Irati f
Iris f  One of the few flower names I actually like. 
Isidora f  So beautiful and charming. 
Isis f  Reminds me of ice. 
Iskra f
Isolde f
Isra f  I loved this name since I first saw it. 
Ivory f  I'd never use it, but I think it's very pretty. 
Izar f  Lovely. Maybe a sister to "Isra"? 
Joan 1 f  Pronounced with a long "O". 
Judith f  Classically gorgeous. 
Juno f  Spunky, much better than "June". 
Kara 1 f
Kari 1 f  Nickname only. 
Katarine f  This is what I would use "Kari" as a nickname for. 
Kerensa f  I wouldn't use it, but I think it's cute. 
Kreine f
Lamia 1 f
Lavra f
Lena f
Leocadia f
Lerato f & m
Lestari f  It sounds so graceful. 
Líadan f
Libitina f  It sounds like the name of a powerful and threatening villianess. 
Liên f
Lilavati f
Lilian f  I'm not at all sure why I like this name so much, but I do. 
Lilith f  A long time favorite. Dark, seductive, strong. 
Linda f  Past teacher's name. 
Llewela f  I think of a doctor when I hear this name, though I'm not sure why. 
Loviatar f
Lucasta f  Sounds like the name of a sorceress in a fantasy story. 
Lucia f  No nicknames. Though there's nothing wrong with "Lucy", I find "Lucia" much more beautiful. 
Lucretia f  It's beautiful. I can imagine a "Lucretia" being a sister to "Lysandra" or "Lysistrata". 
Luminița f  Gorgeous! 
Luna f  More Harry Potter refrences. Luna Lovegood was my favorite character. 
Lusine f
Lyra f  It's a perfect nickname for "Lysandra" or "Lysistrata", though it also functions perfectly well as a full name. 
Lysandra f
Lysistrata f
Madara f
Maria f  Classic, yet not too old-fashioned, and it works on any race or age. I love this name! 
Melantha f  I don't care for "Melanie", so this is a decent alternative. I love the meaning, too. 
Melusine f
Minali f
Morana f
Morgana f  Such a better name for a girl than Morgan. 
Morrígan f  I could see myself naming a fictional queen this. 
Nadra f
Naiara f  I want to know the exact meaning! 
Naira f
Nālani f  I'm usually not too big on Hawaiian names, but "Nalani" is sweet. 
Nasrin f  I love the sound and meaning. 
Natsuki f
Nefertari f  I find "Tari" a nice nickname. 
Opal f  I wouldn't use this, but it's a guilty pleasure. 
Ophelia f
Persephone f  I tend to not like names beginning with "P", but I find "Persephone" beautiful. The meaning is a bit of a turn off, though. 
Philomel f
Rajani f & m
Raziela f  Breathtaking. 
Rhea f
Rosalba f
Rosaline f  Simple, but very lovely. 
Rosaria f
Rose f  Nickname or full name, it's beautiful and classic. 
Runa f  Something about it is oddly alluring, despite it being so simple. 
Ruth 1 f  I'd definately name my kid this. It's due for a comeback. 
Sabah f & m
Sabella f
Sabrina f  Another long-time favorite. 
Sacnite f
Safira f  I hear it's assosciated with "Eragon". I haven't read the books, though, so it's not something that often comes to mind. 
Saga f
Salacia f
Salvatrice f  I saw it and was stunned. It's so pretty. 
Saoirse f  Pretty, but I can see problems with the pronunciation. 
Sarai f
Sarangerel f  My username on another site. Beautiful. 
Sariah f  I greatly prefer this to "Sarah". 
Sasithorn f
Savitri f  I always picture an extremely wise and calm woman that loves the summer sun. 
Scarlett f  I think of a girl who is beautiful, fiesty, and passionate. 
Seffora f
Senka f
Seraphina f
Séraphine f
Seren f  Great alternative to "Serenity". 
Sethunya f
Shachar f & m
Shani 1 f & m  Hebrew usage only. In English, it looks trendy. 
Sharon f  Great Aunt's name. 
Sherah f
Shira f  Lyrical and pretty. 
Shiri f
Shirin f
Silvestra f  I don't like the masculine "Sylvester", but I like this. 
Simcha f & m
Siobhán f
Síofra f  I picture a spritely young girl. 
Sora f & m
Sorcha f
Stella 1 f  Great Grandma's name. 
Sterre f
Suzanne f  Past teacher's name. 
Svetlana f
Swanhild f
Tabby f  Nickname only. 
Taika f
Takara m & f
Tanith f
Temperance f  And again with Bones. 
Terra f
Tesni f
Themis f
Theodora f  Lovely and underused. 
Tinuviel f  Beautiful name with a great namesake. If only "Luthien" was in the database, too. 
Tirzah f
Tisiphone f  She's strong and courageous, but has a lust for vengence. Perfect for an anti-heroine in a story. 
Tondra f
Úna f  Makes me think of a shy, sweet girl that spends a lot of her time picking flowers. Pretty, but too delicate. 
Ursa f
Usagi f  Undeniably cute. 
Utari f
Valdís f
Valencia f  It sounds so beautiful and powerful, which matches its meaning: "Power". 
Valerie f  I love this name, but hate its popularity. 
Valkyrie f  I think of a female viking. 
Vashti f
Vérène f  Don't really like "Verena", but I do like "Verene".` 
Vesna f
Vespera f  I find myself really liking the meaning. 
Viatrix f  Nice, but there are no good nicknames. 
Virginie f  French pronunciation only. 
Xanthe f
Xena f  Shame it originated from a TV show, even if it is a good show. 
Ylva f
Yuuna f  Preferably spelt "Yuna". 
Zelda 2 f  Never to be used in real life. The asscociations with the games are too strong. 
Ziva f  Ziva David! :) 
Zoraida f
Zornitsa f