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Name Crimea
Type Country, Political Subdivision & Region
Pronounced Pron. krie-MEE-ə(English) krie-MI-ə(English) kree-MEH-a(Italian, Spanish)
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Meaning & History

From Crimean Tatar Qırım, which is of uncertain origin. It may have been derived from a corruption of Latin Cimmerium or Greek Κιμμερικόν (Kimmerikon), the name of an ancient city, from Old Turkic qurum meaning "protection, defense" or qirum meaning "fosse, trench", or Ancient Greek κρημνοί (kremnoi) meaning "cliffs". This is the name of a peninsula in Eastern Europe bordering the Black Sea. It is also the name of a Turkic khanate that lasted from 1441 to 1783 as well as a disputed territory claimed by both Ukraine and Russia.
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