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Type Country
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. ee-thee-O-pee-ə
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Meaning & History

From Greek Αιθιοπια (Aithiopia), derived from αιθω (aitho) meaning "to burn" and ωψ (ops) meaning "face", referring to the skin colour of the inhabitants. This is the name of a country in eastern Africa.
Other Languages & CulturesItyoppya(Amharic) Aithiopia(Ancient Greek) Etiopija(Croatian) Etiopien(Danish) Ethiopië(Dutch) Éthiopie(French) Äthiopien(German) Etiopia(Italian) Etiopija(Latvian) Etiopija(Lithuanian) Etiopija(Macedonian) Etiopia(Norwegian) Etiopia(Polish) Etiópia(Portuguese) Etiopija(Serbian) Etiopija(Slovene) Etiopía(Spanish) Etiopien(Swedish)
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