Spanish Elements

This is a list of elements in which the usage is Spanish.
alba Ancient Roman, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Feminine form of albus, later acquiring the meaning "dawn" in Vulgar Latin.
barro Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese word meaning "clay, mud".
bella Italian, Spanish, Ancient Roman
Latin, Italian and Spanish word meaning "beautiful" (feminine).
eneida Portuguese, Spanish
Portuguese and Spanish form of Aeneis (see Aeneid).
holgar Spanish
Spanish word meaning "to rest, to enjoy oneself".
ijada Spanish
Spanish word meaning "flank". It is the root of the word jade.
molino Spanish, Italian
Spanish and Italian word meaning "mill".
varga 2 Spanish
Dialectal Spanish word meaning variously "slope, flooded field, pastureland, hut".
vega Spanish
Spanish word meaning "meadow" (of Basque origin).
zapata Spanish
Spanish word meaning "shoe".