This is also the Indonesian name for Afghanistan.- (in Indonesian) [noted -ed]
The Serbian form is actually Авганистан (Avganistan), so you should remove the usage of Serbian from this entry [noted -ed]. Also see:- (in English)
- (in English; explicitly states that Авганистан is the form used in Serbia)
- (in Serbian)With that said... Afganistan is also the form of Afghanistan in the following countries:• Bosnia and Herzegovina: (in Bosnian)
• Bulgaria: (in Bulgarian; their spelling is Афганистан)
• Estonia: (in Estonian)
• Finland: (in Finnish)
• Greece: (in Greek; their spelling is Αφγανιστάν)
• Iceland: (in Icelandic)
• Malta: (in Maltese)
• Romania: (in Romanian)
• Slovakia: (in Slovak)
• Slovenia: (in Slovene)
• Turkey: (in Turkish)

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