This is also the name for America in the following languages: [noted -ed]- Adyghe (West Circassian): (in Adyghe)
- Armenian: (in Armenian)
- Avar: (in Avar)
- Bashkir: (in Bashkir)
- Cebuano: (in Cebuano)
- Chechen: (in Chechen)
- Crimean Tatar: (in Crimean Tatar)
- Gagauz: (in Gagauz)
- Hebrew: (in Hebrew)
- Indonesian: (in Indonesian)
- Ingush: (in Ingush)
- Karakalpak: (in Karakalpak)
- Ladino (Judeo-Spanish): (in Ladino)
- Lezgin: (in Lezgin)
- Kazakh: (in Kazakh)
- Kyrgyz: (in Kyrgyz)
- Tagalog: (in Tagalog)
- Turkmen: (in Turkmen)
- Yakut: (in Yakut)Written as:
- Adyghe: Америкэ
- Armenian: Ամերիկա
- Avar, Bashkir, Chechen, Crimean Tatar Cyrillic, Ingush, Kazakh Cyrillic, Kyrgyz, Lezgin, Yakut: Америка
- Hebrew: אמריקה
- Ladino: אמיריקה
- Kazakh Arabic: امەرىيكا
This is also the Indonesian and Malay name for America. It's written as اميريکا in Malay Jawi.- (in English)
- (in Indonesian -- the region)
- (in Indonesian -- USA)
- (in Malay -- the region)
- (in Malay -- USA) [noted -ed]
Amerika is also the form of America in the following countries:• Albania: (in Albanian)
• Azerbaijan: (in Azerbaijani)
• Bosnia and Herzegovina: (in Bosnian)
• Bulgaria: (in Bulgarian)
• Czech Republic: (in Czech)
• Georgia: (in Georgian)
• Latvia: (in Latvian)
• Lithuania: (in Lithuanian)
• Luxembourg: (in Luxembourgish)
• North Macedonia: (in Macedonian)
• Slovakia: (in Slovak)
• Slovenia: (in Slovenian)
• Turkey: (in Turkish)
• Uzbekistan: (in Uzbek) [noted -ed]
Also Croatian form. [noted -ed]

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