Usages: Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian

Other Forms: Mpeliz (literal Greek transcription). Greek variant: Μπελίζε (Belize or Mpelize)

IMPORTANT: in modern Greek, there is a letter combination that represents the 'b' sound, namely μπ (mu and pi). It appears that this combination is sometimes transcribed literally (as with Ouzmpekistan) and sometimes as the sound that it represents, namely the 'b' (like here with Beliz). For more information, please see: (in English)

- (in English)
- (in English)
- (in English; transcribes Μπελίζ as Belíz)
- (in English; transcribes Μπελίζ as Belíz)
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• Bulgarian: (in Bulgarian)
• Greek: (in Greek)
• Russian: (in Russian)
• Ukrainian: (in Ukrainian)

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