Birma is also the form of Burma in the following languages:

• Afrikaans: (in Afrikaans; mentions Birma)
• Bulgarian: (in Bulgarian; mentions Birma as Бирма)
• Dutch: (in Dutch; mentions Birma in the introduction and states explicitly under "Etymologie" that Birma is the Dutch spelling of Burma)
• Estonian: (in Estonian; mentions Birma)
• Georgian: (in Georgian; their spelling ბირმა redirects to this article about Myanmar, but is not *quite* mentioned in the article itself - only its genitive is)
• Latvian: (in Latvian; mentions Birma)
• Lithuanian: (in Lithuanian; mentions Birma)
• Polish: (in Polish; mentions Birma)
• Russian: (in Russian; mentions Birma as Бирма in cursive)
• Ukrainian: (in Ukrainian; mentions Birma as Бірма)

Also see the following two links, which among others contain IPA pronunciations:

- (in English)
- (in English)

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