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Type Region & Political Subdivision

Meaning & History

The name of a region within Uganda and also the root of the country's name (see UGANDA).

Related Names

VariantsUganda, Yuganda(Ganda)
Other Languages & CulturesUganda(Bulgarian) Uganda(Croatian) Uganda(Czech) Uganda(Danish) Oeganda(Dutch) Uganda(English) Uganda(Estonian) Uganda(Finnish) Ouganda(French) Uganda(Georgian) Uganda(German) Uganda(Hungarian) Uganda(Indonesian) Uganda(Italian) Uganda(Japanese) Uganda(Korean) Uganda(Latvian) Uganda(Lithuanian) Uganda(Macedonian) Uganda(Malay) Uganda(Norwegian) Uganda(Polish) Uganda(Portuguese) Uganda(Romanian) Uganda(Russian) Uganda(Serbian) Uganda(Slovak) Uganda(Slovene) Uganda(Spanish) Uganda(Swahili) Uganda(Swedish) Uganda(Turkish)
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