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Type Political Subdivision
Usage Greek
Scripts Ευρυτανία(Greek)
Other Forms FormsEurytania (Latinized form), Evritania (variant transcription)

Meaning & History

Derived from Εὐρυτᾶνες (Eurytanes) "Eurytanians", the name of an ancient Aetolian tribe who inhabited Eurytania, an ancient region. It is possibly derived from Greek εὐρύτης (eurytes) meaning "width, breadth", itself a derivative of εὐρύς (eurys) "wide, broad", or Greek εὔρυτος (eurytos) meaning "full-flowing", from εὖ (eu) "well" and ῥέω (rheo) "to flow, run, stream, gush".

In modern times, Evrytania refers to a regional unit of Greece.
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