Indonesia is also Greek, Hebrew, Thai, Lao, Burmese, Persian, Urdu, and Sinhalese.

Scripts: Ινδονησία (Greek), אִינדוֹנֵזִיָה (Hebrew), อินโดนีเซีย, ประเทศอินโดนีเซีย (Thai), ອິນໂດເນເຊຍ (Lao), အင်ဒိုနီးရှား (Burmese), اندونزی (Persian), انڈونیشیا (Urdu), ඉන්දුනීසියාව (Sinhala)
The "Usage" of this name lists "Late Greek". However, the "Scripts" section of this name lists, "Ἰνδονησία (Ancient Greek)". Meanwhile, the entry for "India" lists "Ancient Greek" as a usage, and the "Scripts" section for "India" lists, "Ἰνδία (Ancient Greek)". Thus, something isn't consistent across this place names websites. Therefore, I think that the usage of Ancient Greek should be added to this name, the Ancient Greek script can be kept, and I'm not sure what to do about the Late Greek usage.

Also Korean, and written as "인도네시아" in Hangul.

- (in English)
- (in Korean) [noted -ed]
This is also the name for Indonesia in these languages:

- Minangkabau:
- Buginese:
- Malay: [noted -ed]

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