Type Country
Usage Turkish
Note In Turkish this name is written with both a dotted and dotless I. It appears as KIRGIZİSTAN in uppercase and kırgızistan in lowercase.

Meaning & History

Turkish form of Kyrgyzstan.

Related Names

Rootskyrgyz + stan
Other Languages & CulturesKirgistan(Bosnian) Jierjisisitan(Chinese) Kirgistan(Croatian) Kirgisistan(Danish) Kyrgyzstan(English) Kirghizistan, Kirghizstan(French) Kirgisistan, Kirgistan(German) Kirgistan(Icelandic) Kirghizistan(Italian) Qyrghyzstan(Kazakh) Kyrgyzstan(Kyrgyz) Kirgistan(Macedonian) Kirgisistan(Norwegian) Kirgistan(Polish) Kirgistan(Serbian) Kirguistán, Kirguizistán(Spanish) Qirghiziston(Tajik) Qirg'iziston(Uzbek)
User SubmissionsKirġiżistan, Kirgizistan
Entry updated April 25, 2021