Nepal can also be pronounced with a schwa on the first syllable. [noted -ed]
Also used in Indonesia and Malaysia, and it's written as نيڤال in the Malay Jawi alphabet.- Indonesian: (in Indonesian)
- Malay: (in Malay) [noted -ed]
The name Nepal is also used in the following countries:• Azerbaijan: (in Azerbaijani)
• Bosnia and Herzegovina: (in Bosnian)
• Bulgaria: (in Bulgarian; their spelling is Непал)
• Croatia: (in Croatian)
• Denmark: (in Danish)
• Estonia: (in Estonian; formerly the country was known as Nepaal)
• Finland: (in Finnish)
• Greece: (in Greek; their spelling is Νεπάλ)
• Iceland: (in Icelandic)
• North Macedonia: (in Macedonian; their spelling is Непал)
• Norway: (in Norwegian)
• Romania: (in Romanian)
• Russia: (in Russian; their spelling is Непал)
• Serbia: (in Serbian; their spelling is Непал)
• Slovenia: (in Slovene)
• South Africa: (in Afrikaans)
• Sweden: (in Swedish)
• Turkey: (in Turkish)
• Ukraine: (in Ukrainian; their spelling is Непал) [noted -ed]

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