Type Country
Usage Turkish
Note In Turkish this name is written with a dotted İ. It appears as ŞİLİ in uppercase and şili in lowercase.

Meaning & History

Turkish form of Chile.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesChili(Afrikaans) Tshili(Arabic) Čile(Bosnian) Chili(Bulgarian) Xile(Catalan) Čile(Croatian) Chile(Czech) Chile(Danish) Chili(Dutch) Chile(English) Chile(Finnish) Chili(French) Chile(Georgian) Chile(German) Chili(Greek) Chile(Hungarian) Chili(Indonesian) Cile(Italian) Chiri(Japanese) Chili(Kazakh) Chili(Kyrgyz) Čīle(Latvian) Čilė(Lithuanian) Chili(Mongolian) Chile(Norwegian) Shili(Persian) Chile(Polish) Chile(Portuguese) Chile(Romanian) Chili(Russian) Čile(Serbian) Čile(Slovak) Čile(Slovene) Chile(Spanish) Chile(Swedish) Chili(Tajik) Chili(Thai) Chili(Uzbek)
Entry added April 25, 2021