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Name Kolob
Type Other
Usage Mormon
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Meaning & History

According to Mormon astronomy, Kolob is a large star near the center of the galaxy, on which the angels reside. In a book written by Joseph Smith about the Egyptian Language, more details are given on the measurement of its time, being 1,000 years for each rotational period. In the Book of Abraham, the star is represented in a facsimile of a hypocephalus, and a subject of interest in Abraham's vision. During the 1900's, Mormon fundamentalist leaders taught that Kolob governed twelve or more giant planets large enough for the entire solar system to fit inside. According to more teachings from Joseph Smith's book, Kolob was the first of fifteen giant stars throughout the galaxy. The others were OLIBLISH, ENISH-GO-ON-DOSH, KAE-E-VANRASH, LIMDI, ZIP, VUREL, Venisti, Waine, Wagoh-ox-oan, Oansli, Sheble, Shineflis, Flis, and Os.
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