Mormon Submitted Place Names

These names occur in the Book of Mormon.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Adam-ondi-ahman (Mountain) Mormon
According to LDS theology, this is where Adam was declared Michael, the archangel.
Ahmestrah (Country) Mormon
An alternate name for Egypt, used in Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language, which was written by Joseph Smith. It appears to be partly derived from Mitzrayim, the son of Ham, which was occasionally written as Mestraim... [more]
Cainhannoch (Settlement) Mormon
From an alternative name for New York used in the Doctrine and Covenants. A possible origin could be that in the Bible, Cain, the son of Adam, had a son named Enoch. A derivative of that is Henoch, and a further derivative is Hanoch... [more]
Cumorah (Mountain) Mormon
This is the name of the hill where the Nephite known as Moroni buried the golden plates. It is located in New York.
Enish-go-on-dosh (Other) Mormon
The name of the third great star according to Mormon astronomy, which is included in the Grand Key of the galaxy. In the Book of Abraham, it is represented by the hieroglyph for a cow.
Giau (River) Mormon
In an account of a vision published in the Millennial Star, a map of the world is described, with the names of the four major rivers, which appear to be in the Adamic language. One river was labeled Giau, which appears to be the same as Gihon from the Bible and the Book of Moses.
Kae-e-vanrash (Other) Mormon
One of the three great stars of the Grand Key, appearing in the Book of Abraham, and Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language. It is the fourth great star from the center of the galaxy. According to the Book of Abraham, it governs fifteen great planets... [more]
Kolob (Other) Mormon
According to Mormon astronomy, Kolob is a large star near the center of the galaxy, on which the angels reside. In a book written by Joseph Smith about the Egyptian Language, more details are given on the measurement of its time, being 1,000 years for each rotational period... [more]
Limdi (Other) Mormon
The fifth great star from the center of the galaxy; also known as Veh-kliflosisis.
Missel (Other) Mormon
One of the fifteen great planets orbiting Kae-e-vanrash.
Olaha Shinehah (Region) Mormon
The name of a plain mentioned in the Doctrine and Covenants, a work of Mormon scripture. In the 1800's, the same section in which it was mentioned was copied into a few journals, though the spellings differed... [more]
Oliblish (Other) Mormon
In the Book of Abraham, a figure in one of the facsimiles is said to represent Oliblish, one of the grand governing stars next to Kolob. It is listed among one of the three governing powers, called the Grand Key, along with Enish-go-on-dosh and Kae-e-vanrash, which govern all other creations, but are subject to Kolob.
Shedolamack (Region) Mormon
According to LDS scripture, this was the name of the place where Cainan met Adam and was blessed.
Shineflis (Other) Mormon
The name of the thirteenth great star in Mormon cosmology. The first part of the name, shine, appears to mean "light" or something of a similar nature, based on its usage in several words from the Mormon Adamic language... [more]
Shulon (Region) Mormon
A land mentioned in the Book of Moses.
Venisti (Other) Mormon
The name of the eighth great star according to Mormon cosmology. Preceded by Vurel and succeeded by Waine.
Vurel (Other) Mormon
The Mormon astronomical star said to be the seventh out of fifteen great ones throughout the galaxy.
Wagoh-ox-oan (Other) Mormon
The tenth great star according to Mormon cosmology. The meanings of the first three parts of the name are uncertain, while the fourth part is, according to Joseph Smith, the name for a symbol representing a compound of Zub-zool-oan, whose meaning is given as "the beginning" or "first".
Waine (Other) Mormon
The ninth great star according to Mormon cosmology, which is preceded by Venisti and succeeded by Wagoh-ox-oan.
Za-ki-oan-hi-ash (Country) Mormon
A symbolic name used by Joseph Smith for Chaldea. According to his book, "Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language", za is a compound name for a symbol called beth, which is given the meaning of "a fruitful garden"... [more]
Zarahemla (Settlement) Mormon
The name of a prominent city in the Book of Mormon, named after a descendant of Mulek.
Zerin (Mountain) Mormon
The name of a mountain moved by Mahonri Moriancumer on account of his faith.
Zip (Other) Mormon
The sixth great star from the center of the galaxy; succeeding Limdi, and preceding Vurel.