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This is a list of submitted place names in which the usage is northern thai.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Chiang Hai (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Northern Thai
Northern Thai form of Chiang Rai.
Chiang Mai (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai, Northern Thai
Means "new city" from Thai เชียง (chiang) or Northern Thai ᨩ᩠ᨿᨦ (chiang) both meaning "city" and Thai ใหม่ (mai) or Northern Thai ᩉ᩠ᨾᩲ᩵ (mai) meaning "new"... [more]
Lanna (Country) Northern Thai, Thai
Means "a million paddy fields" from Northern Thai ᩃ᩶ᩣ᩠ᨶ (lan) or Thai ล้าน (lan) meaning "million" and Northern Thai ᨶᩣ (na) or Thai นา (na) meaning "paddy field, rice paddy"... [more]
Mae Hong Son (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai, Northern Thai
Possibly from a Lanna or Shan name meaning "valley of the Son stream", referring to a local body of water. This is the name of a province and city in Thailand.