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Real name Silas Rohan
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I like sociology and linguistics and this is my only way to study linguistics. I do have the name list public but there's nothing on it cause my actual list is on a google doc I made a while back. Been on this site a long time but didn't make an account until recently. Hebrew names are really cool. Italian ones are my least favourite sorry. I like myth and religion so I comment on a lot of those names. I make up stories constantly in my mind and character design is one of the best parts. I listen to obscure music and know random history so lots of the famous bearers are those people.
I find it amusing how quickly people on this site go from zero to ten. Like okay Susan, just cause someone doesn't like a name doesn't mean they're a horrible person.

Submitted Names

VANCOUVER   (Settlement & Island)   English (Canadian)
City and Island in Canadian province British Columbia, named after the explorer George Vancouver.
Dutch name meaning "someone from Coevorden", a city in the Netherlands.
MISSISSAUGA   (Region)   Ojibwe
From the Anishinaabe word misi-zaagiing, meaning "Those at the Great River Mouth". Name of the Mississauga tribe, and now a name of a Toronto suburb. Closely related to the Ojibwe word misswezahging, mean "river of many outlets".

Name Comments

A girl in my band's name is this, I think it's pretty but wouldn't personally use it.
Also a variant of Shelly
Douglas Adams' middle name was Noël.