Tibetan Submitted Place Names

Tibetan names are used by the Tibetan people who live in the region of Tibet in central Asia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ar Jen Ti Na ཨར་ཇེན་ཊི་ན (Country) Tibetan, Bhutanese
Tibetan and Dzongkha form of Argentina.
Ar Me Ni Ya ཨར་མེ་ནི་ཡ (Country) Tibetan, Bhutanese
Tibetan and Dzongkha form of Armenia.
Bal Yul བལ་ཡུལ (Country) Bhutanese, Tibetan
From Bhutanese and Tibetan བལ (bal) meaning "Nepal" and ཡུལ (yul) meaning "country, nation". This is the Bhutanese and Tibetan name for Nepal.
Bhang La Rde Shu བྷང་ལ་རྡེ་ཤུ (Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Bangladesh.
Bhar Ma བྷར་མ (Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Burma.
Bhi Ru Ni བྷི་རུ་ནི (Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Brunei.
Bod བོད (Region, Political Subdivision & Country) Tibetan, Bhutanese
Possibly from a name that originally referred to the inhabitants of modern-day Nyêmo County in China. The name itself may be related to the Tibetan word བོན (bon) meaning "express, give, offer"... [more]
Chomolungma ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ (Mountain) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Mount Everest.
Chomolungma ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ (Mountain) Tibetan
Alternate transcription of Tibetan ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ (see Jo-mo-glang-ma).
Druk Yul འབྲུག་ཡུལ་ (Country) Bhutanese, Tibetan
From Tibetan འབྲུག (brug) meaning "thunder dragon" (a mythical creature in Bhutanese and Tibetan mythology) combined with ཡུལ (yul) meaning "country, nation, kingdom". This is the Bhutanese and Tibetan name for Bhutan.
E-she-ya ཨེ་ཤེ་ཡ (Region) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Asia.
Gle གླེ (Settlement) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Leh.
Hi-ma-la-ya ཧི་མ་ལ་ཡ (Mountain) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Himalaya.
In Rdu Ni Shis Ya ཨིན་རྡུ་ནི་ཤིས་ཡ (Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Indonesia.
I Si Ra El ཨི་སི་ར་ཨེལ (Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Israel.
Jo-mo-glang-ma ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ (Mountain) Tibetan
Possibly means "holy mother", "mother of the universe" or "goddess mother of the world" in Tibetan. This is the Tibetan name for Mount Everest.
Kham Po Dza ཁམ་པོ་ཛ (Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Cambodia.
Ko Ri Ya ཀོ་རི་ཡ (Country) Tibetan, Bhutanese
Tibetan and Dzongkha form of Korea.
Krung Go ཀྲུང་གོ (Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Zhongguo, used as the Tibetan name for China.
La Dwags ལ་དྭགས (Region & Political Subdivision) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Ladakh.
Lhasa ལྷ་ས (Settlement) Tibetan, English
Probably from Tibetan ལྷ་ས (lha sa) meaning "land of gods", derived from ལྷ (lha) meaning "deity, god" and ས (sa) meaning "land, earth". Alternatively, it may have been an alteration of Old Tibetan ར་ས (ra sa) meaning "land of goats" or "fortified land" from ར (ra) meaning "goat" or "enclosure" and ས (sa) meaning "land, earth"... [more]
Lhotse ལྷོ་རྩེ (Mountain) Tibetan
Lhotse is the name of a mountain in Tibet. Lhotse means “South Peak” in Tibetan. ... [more]
Mtsho Sngon མཚོ་སྔོན (Body of Water & Political Subdivision) Tibetan
From Tibetan མཚོ (mtsho) meaning "lake, ocean" and སྔོན (sngon) meaning "blue". This is the Tibetan name for Qinghai Lake as well as the Chinese province of Qinghai.
Nyi Hong ཉི་ཧོང (Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Nihon.
Rda Ram Sa La རྡ་རམ་ས་ལ (Settlement) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Dharamshala.
Rgya Gar རྒྱ་གར (Country) Bhutanese, Tibetan
From Bhutanese and Tibetan རྒྱ (rgya) meaning "extent, size, vastness" or "empire" and དཀར (dkar) meaning "white". This is the Bhutanese and Tibetan name for India.
Rgya Nag རྒྱ་ནག (Country) Tibetan, Bhutanese
Means "the black expanse" from Tibetan རྒྱ (rgya) meaning "extent, size, area, country" and ནག (nag) meaning "black". This is the Tibetan and Dzongkha name for China.
Se Pi Ri Si སེ་པི་རི་སི (Island & Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Cyprus.
Shangrila (Body of Water) Pakistani, Tibetan
Shangrila is a name of Tibetan origin. The name means "heaven on earth". The name is mainly known in northern Pakistan. The "Shangrila Lake" in northern Pakistan is very famous among the country.
Sog Po སོག་པོ (Country, Political Subdivision & Region) Tibetan, Bhutanese
From Tibetan སོག (sog) referring to Mongolia and པོ (po) meaning "person". This is the Tibetan and Dzongkha name for Mongolia.
Thimphu ཐིམ་ཕུ (Settlement) Bhutanese, Tibetan, English
From Bhutanese ཐིམ་ (thim) meaning "to sink" and ཕུ་ (phu) meaning "high ground, foothill, upland" or "to fly". This is the name of the capital city of Bhutan.
Yi La' Kho ཡི་ལའ་ཁོ (Country) Tibetan
Tibetan form of Iraq.