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Type Country
Scripts ভুটান(Bengali) भूटान(Hindi) भुटान(Nepali) بھوٹان(Urdu)
Pronounced Pron. /buː.ˈtɑːn/(English) /buː.ˈtæn/(English) /bu.ˈtaːn/(Dutch, German) /bu.ˈtɑn/(Dutch) /ˈbu.tɑn/(Finnish) /bʱuː.ˈʈɑːn/(Hindi) /ˈbu.tan/(Polish) /bhu.ˈtʰan/(Turkish)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

Probably from བོད (bod), the Tibetan name for the region of Tibet, derived from Sanskrit भोट-अन्त (bhoṭa-anta) meaning "end of Tibet" (referring to the country's geographical location in southern extremity of the Tibetan plateau). This is the name of a Himalayan country in South Asia.
Added 4/6/2017 by HL
Edited 10/21/2020 by HL

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