Meaning & History

From Bengali বাংলাদেশ (Bangladesh) meaning "country of the Bengali people", from the name of the Bengali people বাংলা (Bangla) combined with দেশ (desh) "country, state". The ethnic name is derived from that of the ancient kingdom of Vanga. This is the name of a country in south Asia.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesBanghladish(Arabic) Banhladesh(Belarusian) Bangladeš(Bosnian) Bangladeš(Croatian) Bangladéš(Czech) Bangladesch(German) Banglades(Hungarian) Banguradeshu(Japanese) Bangladeša(Latvian) Bangladešas(Lithuanian) Bangladesz(Polish) Bangladeš(Serbian) Bangladéš(Slovak) Bangladeš(Slovene) Bangladés(Spanish) Bangladeş(Turkish) Banhladesh(Ukrainian)
Entry added June 9, 2023