Kyrgyz Place Names

Kyrgyz names are used in the country of Kyrgyzstan in central Eurasia.
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INDIYA Индия (Country) Indian, Telugu, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Kyrgyz
Telugu, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Kyrgyz form of INDIA.
KAZAKSTAN Казакстан (Country) Kyrgyz, Greek, Finnish, Swedish
Kyrgyz, Greek, Finnish and Swedish form of Kazakh Қазақстан (see KAZAKHSTAN).
KYRGYZSTAN Кыргызстан (Country) Kyrgyz, English
From Kyrgyz Кыргызстан (Kyrgyzstan), a combination of the name of the Kyrgyz people and the Persian suffix ستان (stan) meaning "land of". The ethnic name may be derived from the Turkic word kyrk meaning "forty". This is the name of a country in central Asia.
ORUSIYA Орусия (Country) Kyrgyz
Kyrgyz form of RUSSIA.
OZBEKSTAN Өзбекстан (Country) Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Kazakh and Kyrgyz form of O'zbekiston (see UZBEKISTAN).
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