Meaning & History

Means "place of the Tswana people" in the Tswana language, from the locative prefix bo- combined with the name of Tswana people, itself of uncertain origin, possibly from tswa "to go out" or tshwana "to resemble". This is the name of a country in Southern Africa. During the British colonial period the region was called Bechuanaland, which was more accurately rendered as Botswana when the country achieved independence in 1966.

Related Names

VariantsBechuana(English) Botsuana(German)
Other Languages & CulturesBotsvana(Albanian) Butswana(Arabic) Botsvana(Armenian) Botsvana(Azerbaijani) Bocvana(Bosnian) Botsvana(Bulgarian) Bocvana(Croatian) Botsvana(Georgian) Botsvana(Icelandic) Botsuwana(Japanese) Botsvana(Kazakh) Botsvana(Kyrgyz) Botsvāna(Latvian) Botsvana(Lithuanian) Bocvana(Macedonian) Botsvana(Mongolian) Botsuana(Portuguese) Botsvana(Russian) Bocvana(Serbian) Bocvana(Slovene) Botsuana(Spanish) Botsvana(Tajik) Botsvana(Turkish) Botsvana(Ukrainian) Botsvana(Uzbek)


Entry updated April 23, 2024