Type Region & Country
Pronounced Pron. al-BAY-nee-ə(English) al-BA-nya(Spanish, Polish) al-ba-NEE-a(Italian)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Medieval Latin name for the region that was once occupied by the Illyrian tribe called Albanoi. This is the name of a country in the Balkans.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesAlbanija(Bosnian) Albaniya(Bulgarian) Albanija(Croatian) Albanien(Danish) Albanie(French) Albanien(German) Albaniya(Kazakh) Albaniya(Kyrgyz) Albānija(Latvian) Albanija(Lithuanian) Albanien(Luxembourgish) Albanija(Macedonian) Albaniya(Russian) Albanija(Serbian) Albanija(Slovene) Albanien(Swedish) Albaniya(Tajik) Albaniya(Ukrainian) Albaniya(Uzbek)
Surname DescendantAlbanesi(Italian)


Entry updated May 29, 2020