Late Roman Place Names

Late Roman names were used in the early Christian Roman Empire. They formed after Ancient Roman names.
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ALBANIA(Region & Country)Late Roman, English, Spanish, Italian
Medieval Latin name for the region which was once occupied by the Illyrian tribe called Albanoi. This is the name of a country in the Balkans.
AMERICA(Region & Country)English, Italian, Romanian, Late Roman
From the name of the explorer AMERIGO Vespucci (1451-1512). This is the name of two continents (North and South America). As well, it is commonly used to refer to the United States of America.
ANGLAE TERRA(Country)Late Roman
Late Latin form of ENGLAND (a translation, meaning "land of the Angles").
ANGLIA(Country & Region)Late Roman, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian
Late Latin form of ENGLAND (and also of ANGEL).
BAVARIA(Political Subdivision)English, Late Roman
From Late Latin Baiovarii, the name of a Germanic tribe, named after an earlier Gaulish tribe the Boii. This is the name of a state in Germany (called Bayern in German).
BOHEMIA(Region)English, Spanish, Late Roman
From Latin Boiohaemum, from the name of the Gaulish tribe the Boii combined with Germanic heim "home". This is the name of a historical region within the Czech Republic. The region is called Čechy in Czech, while the country is called Česko.
BULGARIA(Country)Late Roman, English, Spanish, Italian
From the name of the Turkic tribe of the Bulgars, possibly from a Turkic root meaning "mixed". This is the name of a country in southeastern Europe.
COREA(Country)Italian, Spanish, Late Roman
Italian and Spanish form of KOREA, as well as the Latin form.
CROATIA(Country)English, Late Roman
From Croatian Hrvatska, from medieval Slavic Khorvatu, of unknown meaning. This is the name of a country in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe.
FRANCIA(Country)Late Roman, Italian, Spanish
Latin form of FRANCE.
FRANCONIA(Region)Late Roman, English, Italian, Spanish
Latin name derived from Frank, the name of a Germanic tribe. This is the name of a region in southern Germany.
HUNGARIA(Country)Late Roman
Latin form of HUNGARY.
LOTHARI REGNUM(Political Subdivision)Late Roman
Latin form of LORRAINE.
NIGER(River & Country)English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Croatian, Serbian, Late Roman
Meaning unknown, possibly of Berber origin, though influenced by Latin niger "black". This is the name of a river in western Africa (and a country which is named after it).
NUBIA(Region)English, Late Roman
Possibly derives from the Egyptian word nbw meaning "gold". This was the name of an ancient region and kingdom in Africa, south of Egypt.
PORTUGALE(Region)Late Roman
Later form of PORTUS CALE, referring to the area around the city.
RUSSIA(Country)English, Italian, Late Roman
Derived from the medieval state of RUS, now applied to a much larger area of Europe and Asia.
SUECIA(Country)Spanish, Late Roman
Spanish and Latin form of SWEDEN.
TURCIA(Country)Late Roman
Latin form of TURKEY.