Type Region & Settlement
Scripts Βενετία(Greek)

Meaning & History

From the name of the Veneti people who inhabited northeastern Italy in ancient times. Their tribal name possibly meant something like "kinfolk" or "friendly". This was the Latin name for the region now called Veneto, and later the Latin name for the city of Venice (which did not exist in the classical period).

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesVenezuela(Albanian) Venesuela(Azerbaijani) Venecuela(Bosnian) Venetsuela(Bulgarian) Venezuela, Venecuela(Croatian) Venezuela(Czech) Venedig, Venezuela(Danish) Venezuela(Dutch) Veneto, Venezuela, Venice(English) Venezuela(Estonian) Venezuela(Finnish) Vénétie, Venezuela, Venise(French) Venesuela(Georgian) Venedig, Venetien, Venezuela(German) Venezuela(Hungarian) Venezuela(Indonesian) Veneto, Venezia, Venezuela(Italian) Venesuela(Lithuanian) Venecuela(Macedonian) Venezuela(Malay) Venezia, Venezuela(Norwegian) Wenezuela(Polish) Venezuela(Portuguese) Venezuela(Romanian) Venesuela(Russian) Venecuela(Serbian) Venezuela(Slovak) Benetke, Venezuela(Slovene) Venecia, Venezuela(Spanish) Venedig, Venezuela(Swedish) Venezuela(Turkish) Venesuela(Ukrainian)
Given Name DescendantVenetia(Greek)
User SubmissionVeneția
Entry added May 29, 2020