Armenian Place Names

Armenian names are used in the country of Armenia in western Asia, as well as in Armenian diaspora communities throughout the world.
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ARARAT Արարատ (Mountain) Armenian, Biblical, Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Near Eastern
From the name of the ancient kingdom of Urartu. This is the name of a mountain in Turkey (formerly part of Armenia).
HAYASTAN Հայաստան (Country) Armenian
From the Armenian word հայ (hay) meaning "Armenian" combined with the Persian suffix ستان (stan) meaning "land of". This is the Armenian name for Armenia.
HAYK Հայք (Country) Armenian (Archaic)
From the Armenian word հայ (hay) meaning "Armenian", of uncertain ultimate origin. Some theories claim it is from the name of the Armenian hero HAYK, though it is more likely that they simply derive from the same source. This is an archaic Armenian name for Armenia; the modern name is Հայաստան (Hayastan).
NAZARET Նազարեթ (Settlement) Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Armenian, Ancient Greek, Biblical Greek
Spanish, Italian, German, Armenian and Greek form of NAZARETH.