Type Country, Settlement & Island
Pronounced Pron. SING-ə-pawr(English) seen-ga-PO-reh(Italian, Romanian)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

From Malay Singapura meaning "lion city", derived from Sanskrit sinha "lion" and pura "city". This is the name of a city-state situated on an island (of the same name) at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesSingapur(Armenian) Sinhapur(Belarusian) Singapur(Bosnian) Singapur(Bulgarian) Singapur(Croatian) Singapur(Czech) Singapur(Estonian) Singapour(French) Singapur(German) Singapur(Hindi) Singapúr(Icelandic) Singapura(Indonesian) Singapur(Kazakh) Singapur(Kyrgyz) Singapūra(Latvian) Singapūras(Lithuanian) Singapur(Macedonian) Singapura(Malay) Singapur(Polish) Singapura(Portuguese (European)) Singapur(Russian) Sinhapura(Sanskrit) Singapur(Serbian) Singapur(Slovak) Singapur(Slovene) Singapur(Spanish) Singapur(Tajik) Singapur(Turkish) Singapur(Turkmen) Sinhapur(Ukrainian) Singapur(Urdu) Singapur(Uzbek)
Entry added January 21, 2022