Type Region
Usage Korean
Scripts 고려(Korean Hangul)
Pronounced Pron. KO-RYU

Meaning & History

Possibly means "walled city" or "center" in Korean. This was the name of a kingdom that ruled most of the Korean Peninsula. The name Korea is based on it.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesKoreya(Bulgarian) Corea(Catalan) Korea(Czech) Korea(Danish) Korea(Dutch) Korea(English) Korea(Estonian) Korea(Finnish) Corée(French) Korea(Georgian) Korea(German) Korea(Greek) Korea(Indonesian) Corea(Italian) Koreya(Kazakh) Corea(Late Roman) Korea(Malay) Korea(Norwegian) Coreea(Romanian) Koreya(Russian) Corea(Spanish) Korea(Swedish) Koreya(Ukrainian)

Entry updated November 20, 2020