Galician Place Names

Galician names are used in Galicia in northwestern Spain by speakers of Galician.
España (Country) Spanish, Galician
Spanish and Galician form of Hispania (see Spain).
Gabón (Country) Spanish, Galician
Spanish and Galician form of Gabon.
Iemen (Country) Catalan, Galician, Japanese
Catalan, Galician and Japanese form of Yemen.
Luxemburgo (Country, Settlement & Political Subdivision) Portuguese, Spanish, Galician
Portuguese, Spanish and Galician form of Luxembourg.
Madrid (Settlement & Political Subdivision) Spanish, Asturian, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, French, Italian, English, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbek, Turkmen, Mongolian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog
From Old Spanish Magerit, itself from Arabic مجريط (Majrit), of uncertain meaning. It may be derived from Arabic مجرى (majra) meaning "watercourse, channel" or from Latin matrix meaning "source, origin (of a river)". This is the name of the capital city of Spain as well as an autonomous community surrounding it.
Pequín (Settlement) Catalan, Galician, Spanish
Catalan and Galician form of Beijing, as well as a Spanish variant form.
Portugal (Country) Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Galician, Catalan, German, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Estonian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Indonesian, Malay
From Portugale, which was derived from Portus Cale, the old name of the city of Porto. The name of the city was later applied to the entire country.
Uruguai (Country & River) Portuguese, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Japanese
Portuguese, Catalan, Galician, Basque and Japanese of Uruguay.